Promotion of «Seldon.2012» is the activity that will bring you more profit. Besides you will always be informed of all changes in the market of electronic commerce and government procurement.

We offer partnership in building the federal network of IAS «Seldon.2012» to the IT companies, educational institutions and other organizations providing legal and consulting services to bidders.

The range of potential buyers of «Seldon.2012» is very wide. The system is aimed both at state and municipal agencies and at commercial organizations.

Information: (831) 435-50-78, 435-50-84 (ext. 175)

Seldon.2012 — is an information and analytical tool for modern businessmen:

  • working with electronic trading platforms
  • involved in trade and procurement procedures
  • interested in expanding market
  • looking for systematizing the procurement and accessing current tenders on the whole territory of Russia

You can read more about Seldon.2012 in the section

How to become a dealer

At the initial stage of cooperation we suggest that you fill out an application form.

We ask you to carefully fill out all required fields and send by e-mail
Contact: Mariia Vasilevich, Head of department of work with dealers

Partnerships in Moscow and Moscow Region:
Contact: Mariia Vasilevich, 8 (967) 139-71-69; 8 (495) 666-44-03.

Your application will be considered within 1-2 days.