Franchising festival: secrets of starting a business under the famous brand

March 30, 2015 20:01

Spring is time for action! That will be the slogan of the International Franchising Festival — the largest specialized event, promoting development of partnerships between representatives of the Russian business community and entrepreneurs from allied nations which will take place on April 9-10 in Moscow.

There will be more than a hundred well-known domestic and foreign companies whose activities are related to medicine, real estate, recreation area and other industries. The speakers will be: Anatoliy Kuprinov (Foundation for Assistance to Small Business ofMoscow), Dmitry Potapenko ("ManagementDevelopmentGroup"), Peter Kurshin (Franchising Development Center "Small business of  Moscow"), Inga Rykova (RCCI Subcommittee on Franchising) and other experts. The event will be visited by more than five thousand current and potential franchisees, including investors, owners of small and medium-sized businesses, professionals in the field of law and government representatives.

The main topics of the business program of the event will include: overview of legal aspects of commercial concession, consideration of effective algorithms to attract finance, mapping and rapid organic growth, as well as positioning of franchising as national idea in an era of change. In addition, workshops of the Festival will include successful cases of the best domestic franchisors. "SUPPORT OF RUSSIA" organized a special unit focused on the development of youth entrepreneurship.

For more information about the Festival and registration please click here.