“Scrupulous supplier” - a competition among the best suppliers

April 14, 2015 19:48

We invite you to take part in the First regional competition "Scrupulous supplier-2014?, which will take place in the framework of the Days of small and medium-sized businesses in the Chelyabinsk region. The event is aimed at increasing transparency in procurement, as well as at familiarizing customers with the best practices of contracts, advanced technology and technical capabilities of contractors.

The organizers are the Russian Popular Front, "SUPPORT OF RUSSIA", "Association of electronic trading platforms",South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Exhibition Centre "Ekspochel". The event will be sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development and the Main Control Directorate of the Chelyabinsk region.

Any company engaged in the supply of goods, works and services for state, municipal and corporate needs in the region may take part in the competition. Competition Commission will evaluate applicants based on several criteria, including relevance and innovation of products, matching price and quality, shipments and compliance identified in the contract terms. Submissions will be accepted until May 20.

Competitive selection will be carried out by nomination groups "Best Industrial commodity producer" and "Best industrial supplier", and their winners will compete for the title. Competition results will be held within the profile exhibition "Everything for business. Banks. State contracts. Information and advertising technologies", which will be held on June 4.

For more information about participation in the competition please click here or contact the organizers by phone: +7 (351) 239 03 29.