Information-analytical system Seldon is a unique software product in Russia that significantly simplifies and systematizes the work with procurement.

The system consolidates information about different procurement in the country and abroad and makes it possible to monitor and analyze incoming information.

Trial access

The main tasks of Seldon are:

  • collecting data about all types of procurement: government, commercial, international, planned purchases;
  • providing detailed, fast and efficient search in the extensive database, including archive of procurement, contracts and organizations;
  • detailed analysis of the available data: market research conducted by users on various criteria, statistics of customers and suppliers, analytical reports, etc.

Summing up, it should be noted that the system not only provides information about the ongoing tenders, but also allows you to monitor the dynamics of trade and procurement processes and to conduct your own market research, being a multi-functional and effective tool in the work with orders.

Procurement and Contracts

Archive of purchases from 2006 and current purchases, in which you can participate right now.

You can also see the state of the purchase and its form, find out how many days are left until the end and apply for participation in the competition on the selected platform.

All trades are divided into categories: government, commercial, international, planned.

Asset sales and prices

Updated Seldon.2012 includes entirely new groups of data, including - property tenders.

Ability to view the price lists of companies allows you to establish business contacts with potential partners and suppliers.


Current database of participating organizations and organizers of the auctions, stored in the system, allows access to the bank details and other data of the companies.

You can also view the link tree, the location map and the list of unscrupulous suppliers and complaints to the FAS in the section "Organizations".


Collected extensive database of procurement and organizations is a credible basis for market research.

To receive a report about regions, dynamics of purchasing, pricing and other economic data, it is enough to set the right conditions.

The system will make everything else itself: show information graphically on the map, make graphs, tables, reports and charts.

Search in the system

Flexible settings of search filters take into consideration a lot of nuances, according to which the search is conducted on the system.

You can easily find what you are looking for with the advanced search which takes into consideration synonyms and similar words in Russian.

It is difficult to make a mistake and easy to find!


The ability to add information to the favorite lists allows you to track the most important purchases, trading platforms, organizations and search filters.

The system has a mechanism of duplicating necessary items in four user’s lists.

Calendar and contacts

There is a built-in organizer. You can keep phone numbers, addresses and contact names, assign important cases and meetings in specially designated sections.

You can also move information about procurement, suppliers and customers into the contact list and calendar tasks.


Personal settings allow you to make the system more convenient and easier. We are constantly focused on improving the capabilities of the individual interface settings: different types of display of procurement tables, different filters, system preview.

In addition system settings allow you to select the types and sizes of panels, buttons, fonts and themes of the screen. The more personal the system becomes, the higher its quality and speed are.